City of Mechelen easily manages its 20 sub-sites using cms eGo

The City of Mechelen was looking for a way to manage its 20 websites centrally and turned to its existing cms supplier, Tobania.Public. They upgraded the current content management system (cms) eGo to the new, flexible version with versatile options: eGo 4. "This time, we wanted to prioritise various integration options. And with eGo 4, we succeeded", says Christophe Maes, Project Coordinator at the City of Mechelen.

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From complex to sexy

The eGo product offers the people of Mechelen numerous advantages. "The platform fulfils various needs and we are eager to use it", says Christophe Maes. For example, the city simply bundled its main website and 20 sub websites into the CMS, including the one for the local cultural centre. This website originally belonged to another CMS supplier and was given a new look thanks to eGo. A new look that was also created thanks to the designs provided by the city. Because the city can now monitor everything from a single platform, it no longer needs to take account of different partners.


Tips and tools first

In the past, the city of Mechelen relied too much on its cms to quickly solve certain technical problems. "We were wrong, because a cms is obviously not a database or a booking system," says Christophe. "Now we no longer waste time looking for temporary solutions and we can immediately integrate professional tools that fully meet our needs. A good example of this is that we can easily monitor our websites and detect errors in time. Moreover, Tobians Anton and Joke provide us with a lot of tips and best practices."


Two-way traffic

The City of Mechelen is thus provided with many insights and can also offer feedback to Tobania about existing shortcomings in the system. And all this in a very structured way. Because of the long-standing golden partnership with the city of Mechelen, Tobania's consultants organise bi-monthly calls during which they review the current state of affairs with the city. "In addition, there are annual workshops in which we gather all kinds of new ideas and examine together what additional functionalities are needed. We then add these to the roadmap for the following year. A new functionality that we will be launching soon? A search function that applies to the entire system. That way, everyone can find everything easily", Christophe continues. 

"We really appreciate this form of co-creation. So, we are very much looking forward to what the future holds. Our goal is to keep improving our web story and to keep testing all the integration possibilities, because Tobania.Public offers us a lot of possibilities", concludes Christophe.

Niels Langens

Niels Langens