The beating heart of Ebem

A customised ERP
Ebem is an atypical energy supplier. The company not only focuses on sustainability, but also wants to create an excellent relationship with its customers. It is therefore important to manage the customer base particularly well with an excellent Enterprise resource planning (ERP) package. They count on Tobania to achieve this goal.
An extensive network
The Ebem ERP package covers all aspects of customer management. New customers can register via the website, whereupon their data ends up in the system. From there, informative messages are sent to distribution network operators and to certified energy suppliers.

Once the new customer request has been approved, the meter readings arrive via the same software. These numbers are tested by an advanced built-in calculation system to guarantee reliability and validity, upon which the invoices are sent (including advance invoices). These PDFs reach the customers via email or – if preferred - by letter. A link with accounting package Navision ensures that information between invoicing and accounting runs automatically.

A very specific aspect of this ERP, is the link with SOCTAR, the organ that grants certificates for social rates. Customers with this certificate are entitled to a reduced rate. Thanks to the link with the ERP, this can be processed correctly and reported back to the government.
No worries for the future
The development of this ERP was completely customised. After delivery, we provided a maintenance plan, which is still updated regularly to ensure a futureproof application without unexpected costs. Daily support ensures the perfect operation and reporting.
What can Tobania do for you?
Tobania provides a customised ERP that makes connections with all partners possible. We guide you through the entire process and also offer the correct maintenance and support after delivery.
Thierry Parquet

Thierry Parquet