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INIConnect: a communication platform for insurance compagnies.

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INI is a network of market leading insurance companies. INI provides a platform to its members, INIConnect, to communicate with each other. Tobania assists in the technological development and innovative design of this platform. 

A platform to communicate INIConnect is used to exchange information on certain policies. This required a custombuild platform for communication, using a set of sector-related rules. The INIConnect software will help its users to run through this communication flow in the most efficient way. The needs of the platform are complicated though: every country has its own tax system, legal system, business culture,… 

Translating requirements into ‘user-stories’ The requirements for the brokers are analysed by the business team. Tobania translate those ‘user-stories’ into INIConnect and updates INI on its progression. The client, at his turn, sets clear deadlines, depending on their priorities. This collaboration makes the needs analysis and implementation run like a well-oiled machinery. 

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Thierry Parquet

Thierry Parquet