Recap o'clock Inspiring Session Ordina | AI and Cybersecurity

On Tuesday 28 November, Ordina hosted the online Inspiring Session "Changemakers in a Safer World - Cybersecurity and AI". By participating in this session, attendees could not only enhance their understanding of AI's role in creating a safer digital world, but also gain valuable insights into Ordina's innovative approach to today's challenges. Were you unable to join? Well, we are happy to pass on some interesting recap information to you!
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Session content

In today's dynamic landscape, AI is not only transforming industries but also reshaping the way we live, work, and create. From enhanced customer experiences to unprecedented productivity gains, AI's positive impact is undeniable. However, with these advancements come risks such as intellectual property leaks, data privacy infringements, and cyber-attacks. Ordina’s Inspiring Session therefore delved into the intersection of AI and cybersecurity, exploring how AI can be harnessed to mitigate these risks.

Info shots to feast on: 

  1. Recording: Curious about what exactly the theme “Changemakers in a Safer World” entailed? Well, then be sure to take a look at the full recording of the online session.

  2. Whitepaper: The whitepaper "Cybersecurity and AI" created by Marleen Rechsteiner, Mohamed Kasstar and others dives into the tactics cybercriminals use to exploit AI and manipulate cyber security defences. This piece of reading also explores the potential of AI to enhance and secure digital assets.

  3. Podcast: Listen to the podcast "How to be safe in a digital world?" in which Mark Vandenwauver (Business Director Security Ordina) and Wim Schuddinck (Director Cybersecurity Crelan) discuss cybersecurity together.


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Elise Favere

Elise Favere