Privacy policy in App Store makes advertisers ponder

In June 2020, Apple announced that the data policy in the iOS 14 operating system would change significantly.

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Starting in January 2021, when opening the Facebook app, users would receive a notification requiring them to explicitly indicate that an app developer (e.g. Facebook or Instagram) may track and use their data. Since this now happens "automatically", it is expected that many Facebook users will choose to limit such data storage. A huge setback for advertisers. The offering of advertisements will now be less personalised and accurate.


More power for the user

The Facebook user himself will have more control over his data and can easily decide whether Facebook is allowed to keep or use his data. If users decide to stop giving access to their data, this will in any case have an impact on how they experience ads. While these can now be directed very specifically to target groups, this will be less accurate in the future.


Tackling conversion issues

Facebook does now advise advertisers to take measures and anticipate setting conversions. Since the number of types of Facebook conversions can be reduced, advertisers must now make a stricter selection. Which conversions do they want to measure? And what will be their most important web and app conversions?


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Kurt Van Nieuwenhove

Kurt Van Nieuwenhove