The 100Km Dodentocht continues its beautiful journey online thanks to brand-new UX design

Everyone knows the 100Km Dodentocht. It all started as a walk among friends, organised by a local youth club. But now the challenge has been declared an international event. Every year, some 100 volunteers, 13.000 hikers and 150.000 spectators make this 100-kilometer hike an unforgettable experience. But how do you get such a wonderful happening organised? First of all, by registering and providing information via a rock-solid website.

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UX design on point

Kadee vzw, the organiser of the 100-kilometer hike, wanted to take its website to the next level. The international character of the 100km Dodentocht, as well as the endless commitment of the volunteers, sponsors and press, had to be more visible for the online world. That’s why Tobania.Digital added a well-thought-out UX design to the homepage.


Efficient sprints

The client's online journey was certainly not to become a ”100km Dodentocht”. Like all strong athletes, we didn’t want to get injured along the way. That’s why our WordPress team worked in short, efficient sprints with regular consultation moments. The result?

  • 100% tailor-made design, with a new branding;
  • UX design with improved navigation that immediately gives all target groups the right information;
  • A great experience with a random photo for every page load, live search (desktop version) and an Instagram feed;
  • A user-friendly back-end with no less than 10 customised modules;
  • SEO optimisation;
  • Multilingualism for the company’s international image (in the near future).
Improving social media experience

We’re almost at the finish of our project, what a great achievement! But there’s more: we are already preparing the next stage. Our content editors and WordPress developers closely follow the developments in their field. They provide regular updates to ensure online growth and to improve the (social media) experience. You will undoubtedly notice their follow-up in the 2021 edition and in the years to come. Because standing still is going backwards.

Tobania as <wingman>

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Thierry Parquet

Thierry Parquet