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Stephex Group is a company that focuses on the trade of world-class race horses and the sale of luxury stables and state-of-the-art motorhomes. Being one of the main players in this field, they were looking for a partner on a technical level to support their recent growth. Tobania took on the task to reinforce the IT-service and to disburden Stephex Group from daily technical support.

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Supporting a growing company

The most important goal was to support Stephex Group in its rapid growth by working together with its own IT-team and stakeholders. The aim was to make improvements that allow the service of the company to grow along with the positive business development it has gone through.
This improvement meant that hardware and software were supplied (including the Active Directory and MS Exchange Server) by Tobania to ensure solid and qualitative day-to-day office operations for Stephex. Implementing new software increased the possibilities of security analysis and attack.
Tobania also took care of the management and support of the server, hypervisor infrastructure and cloud-based services, delivering a secure network. Tobania was also responsible for hosting the Virtual Machines.

Daily support in a secure IT-environment

Tobania was able to innovate the operation of the critical applications and infrastructure of Stephex Group. The solution was found in collaboration with the company’s own IT Team. Smooth communication and cooperation ensured the successful set-up and completion of large projects, raised the quality of the service and increased the level of security. The 24/7 support from our Security Operations Center in Hasselt ensured great satisfaction with the end-user. We continue to provide this support service in order to unburden Stephex group from any IT-issues disturbing the day-to-day business.

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Maxime Guilliams

Maxime Guilliams