Your customized Office 365

These days, digital collaboration is a must for thriving modern businesses who are looking to maximize efficiency and flexibility. But how to kick off digital transformation in your business?

The switch to structural outsourcing

Tobania is happy to present you with your options. Let’s start with getting the most out of Office 365.


Collaborate the way you like it

How do you know which digital collaboration tool best suits your business? Well, that depends on the way you like to do things. No matter your preferences, Tobania assists you throughout the trajectory, which begins with selecting the perfect tools for your business.

Office 365 is an all-in-one tool that allows your staff to share information, anywhere and anytime. You can adopt an online or a hybrid approach, like integrating on-premise auditing and logging in an online Office 365 environment. In other words, digital collaboration is a like an à la carte menu: you can simply choose the features you need and leave out all the rest.

Does Office 365 lack features you absolutely require? Or do you prefer another way of working? Tobania can develop new apps for your business to ensure your digital collaboration goes smoothly.


No digital collaboration without change management

Digital collaboration undoubtedly improves the way you work, yet it’s almost never a stand-alone solution. It often comes with introducing digital transformation to your company. That’s why Tobania makes it a point of honor to do more than implement new solutions. We also help your company deal with change management as a whole:

  • We train ‘digital champions’: specific profiles who become true digital collaboration ambassadors. They serve as the point of contact for all questions relating to Office 365.
  • Continued follow-up: exhaustive training sessions, as well as coaching and close monitoring ensure a swift digital transformation. At the end of the road, the digital revolution is a done deal.

Digital collaboration boosts your company’s productivity and flexibility. Our experienced consultants have the necessary knowhow to make the digital transformation in your company a success. 

"No digital collaboration without change management"

Your customized Office 365

Your customized Office 365

Christophe Soens

Christophe Soens