Tobania and Doccle – A two-sided customer story

At present, more than 120 companies are using the Doccle digital platform to send and receive informative documents such as the government's eBox. And as of January 2022, Tobania has joined the ranks too. "What started out as an automated testing project at Doccle, soon became a two-way customer journey. After all, if you have 100% confidence in your customer's product, why not implement it yourself?" says Alan Berx, Tobian and Test Specialist at Doccle 
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Let us start at the very beginning. Alan, you are working as a Test Specialist on the Doccle project. Can you briefly describe your profile? 

I studied Applied Computer Science with a sub track in Software Management. Immediately after this, I started working at Tobania. Meanwhile, I can call myself a Tobian for four years. During this time, I have expanded my area of expertise in Testing, Test Management, Test Automation and Testing Solutions. The latter two are currently my main focus areas within my current project at Doccle. 


When did the Doccle project kick off? 

I started at Doccle two and a half years ago and during that time have worked on a number of different internal projects to expand the Doccle platform. Most recently, we successfully completed the cloud migration project in which the entire platform was moved from traditional servers to the cloud. Now, two smaller, new projects have been initiated in order to further expand the Doccle feature set with digital registered letters and a functionality to make communication between small business owners and accountants easier. 


What is your role within the Doccle project? 

At Doccle, I fulfil the role of a QA Tester. It is my job, and that of my colleagues, to check and confirm whether the work delivered by the developers meets the functional and quality requirements. Doccle has the intention to do Test Automation and therefore asked me to design a test automation framework. This framework is a "work in progress" that will gradually be extended alongside the other projects. Furthermore, it is also up to me to support and coach my fellow QA Testers in the use and implementation of this framework in the daily workflow. 


What does your typical workday at Doccle look like? 

A typical working day at Doccle usually kicks off with me reading the mails and reviewing the open tickets to find out where we are currently experiencing blockages or awaiting information, and what is ready to be tested. Next up is the daily scrum meeting in which we review who has worked on what, what will be worked on that day, where there are problems or blockages and who will be held responsible for addressing them. All work is carried out in the form of ticket requests, so after the daily scrum I continue working on the ticket I picked up or if I don't have a ticket yet I start working on new ones.  

The tickets I record usually contain classic QA assignments, but often also contain technical difficulties and requirements that demand specific testing techniques, such as Performance Testing. Sometimes, however, it also includes things that are needed to extend the test framework. These tickets are my favourite tasks because they offer me a challenge and give me the opportunity to refine my skills. 


To wrap up, how would you describe the collaboration between Tobania and Doccle? 

The cooperation between Doccle and Tobania is definitely a success. Doccle is a growing platform. As such, each completed project adds new functionalities to the application and, in turn, brings more users to the platform. 

The enormous growth of connected users, both customers and companies, constantly creates new opportunities. So, it brings me great satisfaction to know that I have helped to build the platform into a success! 

Alan Berx

Alan Berx