TM Roco Tailors Cost Estimations and Optimises Operations for Oosterweel Junction

At Tobania, our commitment to delivering tailored, complex and innovative solutions is exemplified in our collaboration with TM Roco. This conglomerate of ten companies involved in the monumental Oosterweel junction project sought an effective solution for their construction estimations, leading to our partnership facilitated by DEME.

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Understanding TM Roco's needs

TM Roco's involvement in the ambitious Oosterweel junction project, often dubbed "the yard of the century," presented a significant challenge in managing diverse complex construction tasks efficiently. Through our connection with TM Roco facilitated by the company DEME, we comprehended the intricacies of their requirements and the necessity for a robust solution to optimise their estimations and cost calculations.


The Etupri story

Our journey with TM Roco kicked off with Etupri, an advanced estimating programme which Tobania developed back in the day for a client in the construction industry. Described as 'Excel on steroids,' Etupri allows users to input cost items, facilitating accurate on-site calculations. The program's strength lies in empowering estimators to work efficiently by automatically considering various factors, including equipment, transport, and fuel costs over specific time periods.


Empowering efficiency

Building on its proven adaptation success, Etupri received recognition and approval from DEME and became the unanimous choice for implementation within the TM Roco project, addressing a critical segment of the Oosterweel junction. Central to the success story that it turned out to be today, was that the programme seamlessly translated the complex nature of the project into concrete calculations, highlighting Tobania's ability to meet the diverse needs of one of the city of Antwerp's most extensive and multifaceted construction projects.


Tobania’s impact

The success of integrating Etupri into TM Roco's units underlines Tobania's commitment to revamping complex construction processes. Moreover, in addition to Etupri, Tobania continues to develop other customised applications such as tailored project management tools and unique data analysis platforms, further reaffirming our commitment to customised innovation.

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Elise Favere

Elise Favere