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In order to allow private individuals to consult and modify their current mortgage data, Stater contracted Tobania to develop an eConsumer platform. By offering this real-time, modular and multilingual product directly to the end-consumer, the independent outsourcing partner for banks opts for an advanced and challenging system integration. Tom Huylebroeck, Product Owner/Customer Journeys at Stater Belgium is happy to tell us more about it.

What exactly does Stater do?

Stater is an end-to-end service provider for both mortgage loans and consumer loans. We support our customer lenders in servicing customers.

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Stater in a nutshell

Stater is an independent and global One-Stop-Shop for the Benelux mortgage market and supports more than 40 mortgage lenders in the processing and securitisation of mortgage portfolios.

“The main reason for joining forces with Tobania was based on the team's composition. The consultants have become well acquainted with each other through previous projects and are capable of handling both development and support projects.”


Why did Stater call on Tobania?

To increase customer service and to further digitise and innovate, Stater required an online platform that allows consumers to track their loans and perform various self-service actions. At Stater, we handle sensitive customer information from different lenders, which must be kept strictly separated and processed with high-security standards. Therefore, we needed a partner who possesses the required experience and know-how to successfully complete such a project.

The main reason for joining forces with Tobania was primarily based on the team's composition. On the one hand, we are talking about a dedicated team that has become well acquainted with each other through previous projects and that is capable of handling both development and support projects. On the other hand, the enthusiasm and proactivity with which they approached our case were key factors driving our decision.


What does the new platform signify for your growth?

The eConsumer platform enables Stater and its lender-customers to maintain a digital connection with their direct consumers. This ensures greater engagement to our customers' brand awareness, as well as an expansion of the services offered to their consumers. At the same time, the self-servicing functionalities provide Stater with the ability to scale up.


How did the collaboration with Tobania turn out?

Tobania has proved to be a very reliable partner. They always have an eye for what is best for Stater, are very flexible in their planning and are always ready to offer advice and expertise. Despite the occasional physical remoteness, there is a great commitment, so we can really speak of a collaboration as one big team.

Some extra words of Tobania’s SDM Squad Lead Niki Dubois:

That's right, our Product Owner ensured a proper balance of physical contact in the office with working from home. To stay in touch as much as possible at all times, we organised daily stand-ups as well.

All in all, that sense of unity was definitely present on Tobania's side too! The many consultation moments, elaborating visions and the project design and development were all carried out with great enthusiasm and passion. We have achieved a final result that both Stater and ourselves are very pleased with and proud of.



Tobania and Stater  |  An established partnership

What once started as setting up a simple wireframe has grown into fully joint project roll-outs. After all, from the very early stages, Tobania's consultants were present at the design table to work out roadmaps and brainstorm technical solutions together with Stater's Product Owners.

What’s more, the future prospects for further collaboration between the two parties remain promising. To take one example, the eConsumer platform is regularly updated and even recently cleared scope for the development of its consumer loan counterpart. A decision that Stater was determined to make and will drive even more innovation efforts with Tobania in the years to come.



Tobania as your wingman

A customised ERP or consumer platform: sounds like music to your ears, but don't know where to start? Our development team will be happy to help you out. Got some questions or are you interested in an offer? Give us a call and together we will look at all the possibilities.

Elise Favere

Elise Favere