Life as a … KYC analyst - Michiel Duchi

The majority of our Tobania world (called “the galaxy” according to our Tobians) is populated by our consultants. Each with their own expertise strapped to their backpacks, they head out to our client's workplace to deliver targeted projects. Perhaps at yours as well? Well, time to get to know them personally! Featured in this edition: Michiel Duchi, KYC Analyst.

Every financial institution is legally obliged to know its customers. The main task of a KYC Analyst is therefore to collect data and analyse clients in order to prevent them from potentially threatening the bank in the future. 
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Can you briefly introduce yourself, Michiel?

I am Michiel Duchi, 23 years old and born in Aalst. I graduated in a Master of Business Administration - Finance and Risk Management at the University of Ghent and joined Tobania in September 2021, which also happened to be my first professional work experience. After a short two-month project at one of the biggest Belgian banks, I have been working as a KYC Analyst at my second project in the financial sector for almost half a year now.

In my spare time I play football, like to go cycling on my racing bike and hang around in cafes. Until last year I was also active in the scout’s movement.


Michiel Duchi

KYC Analyst

As a KYC Analyst, Michiel studies the financial risks that may be associated with the client, considering the regulations and the different guidelines. In addition, he must also strictly comply with the Anti-Money Laundering legislation.
What makes working as a KYC Analyst so unique?

KYC Analysts are charged with the responsibility of keeping a sharp and critical eye on customers at all times. Given the increasingly stringent regulations on money laundering and so on, this job is becoming extremely important.




How would your colleagues describe you?

I think colleagues would describe me as a real team player who is always enthusiastic. Friendliness and respect are key words that I value highly. I am always motivated and show up to work with a smile on my face each day.


What is your go-to productivity trick?

The first and also very important one for my go-to productivity: coffee of course! Secondly, structure. I provide structure and make a schedule with the goals I want to achieve. Moreover, I also look at what I want to do each day and what meetings are scheduled, in order to distribute my work easily. Finally, I benefit from the presence of my colleagues! Don't waste time when in doubt, a second or possibly third opinion can already do a great deal.


How can you stand out as a KYC Analyst?

Work in a structured way with the right motivation. Always try to develop yourself. Learn from colleagues, be curious to discover new things, and always try to push your limits. As a KYC analyst, you can distinguish yourself by always being critical and strict towards yourself. Try to make better and more correct analyses every day and always keep improving yourself.

“Being able to help customers and agents puts me on a professional high.”


What gives you a professional high?

Bringing tasks, analyses and projects to a successful conclusion, together with the team. Looking back on Friday evening, with a beer in my hand, satisfied with all the analyses I was able to make and the customer data I was able to collect. When I have successfully helped agents and customers and made them happy, it makes me feel good and satisfied and puts me on a professional high.


Do you have any mentors in your professional life?

Yes, absolutely. In the beginning, there are always people who show you the way in the company, put programmes in place and, of course, provide training. The people with years of experience and knowledge are always willing to pass them on. As a young professional at the outset of my career, it is fantastic to learn from people who already have so much experience and knowledge and who have already achieved so much in their lives.

Besides these mentors, it is especially important that you become your own mentor. Always push yourself to the limit and always be motivated to do and learn new things. I am convinced that this mentality is the key to a successful career.


Do you aspire to be a mentor for others?

Absolutely! Everyone has their own qualities and has the ability to share them with others. I like to have mentors to learn from, so of course I hope to be one for other people in the future as well.


Why should fellow KYC Analysts join you at Tobania?

It is a profession that is becoming increasingly important as regulations become more and more stringent. So, in recent years, KYC and AML have received a lot of attention. As a KYC Analyst, you can always use your critical and analytical eye and become an important part of the bank.


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Michiel Duchi

Michiel Duchi