Leefmilieu Brussel builds on renovation strategy with brand-new website

In order to improve the comfort of the inhabitants of Brussels and to reach the climate objectives, Leefmilieu Brussels launched RENOLUTION

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This strategy aims to provide the tools needed to make existing housing energy-efficient. To fully involve both private individuals and industry professionals in its story, the Brussels organisation now uses a transparent and UX-friendly website, fully developed by Tobania.



Search wizard

There is no doubt that building the website was quite an accomplishment. An elaborate analysis preceded in order to clearly structure the content and to be able to offer the right renovation premium to both private individuals (B2C) and professionals (B2B). Moreover, in order to increase the conversion rate when searching for the right premium, the Tobania team implemented a search wizard and search assistant.


A tailor-made UX project

Providing the target group with information and tools that are as transparent and simple as possible is what it is all about. In addition to the core analysis and search wizards, a lot of effort was put into the UX design and the mobile-friendly version of the website. More specifically, the consultants took care of adapted mobile views and implemented filters for an optimal user experience. In short, the digital team created a fully customised design with an integrated corporate branding.


Google Analytics

Having a lot of website visitors is one thing, understanding their online wishes and needs is another. To make sure that Leefmilieu Brussel can get sufficient insights regarding the renovation wishes of private individuals and construction professionals, Tobania’s consultants therefore ultimately linked the cms to Google Analytics. This way, the marketing team can outline and work out points of improvement on a continuous basis, based on dashboard analyses and figures.


Tobania as <wingman>

A tailor-made website: sounds like music to your ears, but don't know where to start? Our digital team will be happy to take care of you! Do you have questions or are you interested in an offer? Give us a call and together we will look at all possibilities.

Niels Langens

Niels Langens