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Piette & Partners is an insurance underwriter.

The company offers solutions for, usually private, customers with professional brokers as intermediaries. To enable day-to-day operation, PNP employees and brokers used a desktop application. However, a new, futureproof platform was needed. The insurance company and their partner Tobania made it happen.
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Brokers could request the rates of all the offered assurances by using the PNP web tool. Moreover, this desktop application made it possible to close contracts and create insurance policies. In short, the app offered all the possible functionalities a broker could ask for. It is therefore not surprising that PNP opted for a future-oriented updated version, which at least offers the same functionalities and userfriendliness.

At the beginning, the developers focused mainly on the basic functionalities that were already available in the old application. However, these were polished, modernised and - if possible - improved and expanded. The focus laid on technologies that are well supported by a broad community: right now, and in the future.

PNP and its partner Tobania took it one step further, by creating not only a futureproof app but a tool that offered great flexibility with regard to integrations. In PNP’s vision for the years to come, connections to external systems are given a central role. it was important to make the platform more flexible and to build it in such a way that integration will be easy thanks to the present APIs.

The good communication between PNP and Tobania eventually led to a new user-friendly platform. Key to this collaboration were good communication and solution-oriented thinking. For example, PNP was always eager to welcome Tobania developers with open arms and to listen to their opinion and expertise. Constructive feedback from both sides led to good results and a collaboration that is still fruitful today. 

Thierry Parquet

Thierry Parquet