City of Geel connects online story with service bus Public Connector

As Geel was looking for a way to easily integrate its mid-office solution with its existing in-house applications, the city council started working with Public Connector. Tobania's Public Connector is a service bus that orchestrates data traffic between different components and sources. "We were not looking for this specifically, but this solution ultimately met our needs completely," says Peter Vermeylen, expert in Organisation Development at the City of Geel.

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The glue of <De Geele Draad>

In 2018, Geel was looking for a mid-office solution that could interact with the applications the city already had in-house. And so, it came to the Public Connector. This service bus "glues" all existing components and applications together. "In short, we can speak of a best-of-breed approach that lives up to its name "De Geele Draad"," says Peter.

The Public Connector ensures that citizen notifications can be displayed graphically and interacts with the digital signature platform. "Moreover, the service bus makes use of authentic sources such as the National Registry and the VKBO of the Flanders Information Agency. That is an enormous added value," adds Peter.

Ahead of the game

"You know what's great about this best-of-breed story? We no longer have to worry about how our applications interact. Does something go wrong? Then Tobania takes the lead. The consultants show great commitment and work with chain tests to untangle any knots in our thread as quickly as possible", Peter continues.


Opting for efficiency gains

Peter clearly points out that the Public Connector offers a lot of efficiency gains. "I would certainly advise other Flemish administrations to take a closer look at the advantages of the Public Connector. They are not immediately visible to everyone, but they do have a decisive impact on the final cost that a city or municipality will have to deal with. If you prefer the automated operation of the Public Connector to the day-to-day manual work of your colleagues, you will see your personnel costs drop and your efficiency gains increase", concludes Peter Vermeylen.

Luc Vanbecelaere

Luc Vanbecelaere