Tobania supports De Warmste Week as Baloise for Life Silver Partner Sponsor

Did you know that the <Baloise for Life> week starts today?

One week before the finals of <De Warmste Week>, a charity concept supported by the Flemish radio station Studio Brussel, numerous Baloise Insurance volunteers are dedicating themselves together to various charities. And since entrepreneurship and togetherness are two of Tobania’s core values, our Tobians were highly excited to support this beautiful initiative.

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From virtual auctions to quizzes

Thanks to the sponsorship of different partners, Baloise can organise as many different charity activities as possible. Think about relaxing coffee breaks, auctions and amusing quizzes for example. This year, of course, all activities will be held entirely digitally in order to operate in a Covid-proof environment.

Do you also want to contribute, just like Tobania?

Participating in a beautiful and heartwarming initiative, what could be more rewarding this year? So, ready to show your ultimate form of solidarity like Baloise does? Be sure to have a look at the website of De Warmste Week.





Lode Peeters

Lode Peeters