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For a long time, Java has been the undisputed number one winner. This for the simple reason that it is an interpreted, moderately complex, multi-threaded, garbage-collected, as well as powerful programming language.

Unfortunately, with the rise of Microservices and Serverless, Java has been somewhat struggling as its JVM seems too large (high memory footprint) and slow (slow start-up time). Moreover, in modern container-based development, the container has limited resources. Fortunately, an answer finally emerged when the Java Community started offering a modern version of Java, called GraalVM.


What to expect?

In his Expert View, our Lead Architect Jan Van Wassenhove discusses how Java development has evolved to be perfectly suited for Cloud-Native development and how GraalVM is (and will be) leveraged. He subsequently dives into frameworks like Quarkus, Micronaut and Spring Native. Specifically, on how and when to use them, and how they will speed up our Java development and deployments.


For which readers?

This Expert View is ideally suited for:

  • (Java) Developers
  • Architects
  • CIOs
  • Analysts
  • Scrum Masters
  • PMs with a technical interest


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Jan Van Wassenhove

Jan Van Wassenhove