Employee centricity leads to customer satisfaction

Tobania’s Business Consulting has become a highly valued business unit within the field of business-IT alignment. Two leading IT ladies reveal what the Business Consulting gene entails and how their clients benefit from it.

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The Business Consulting unit came to life late 2016 and has thrived ever since. Recently, the business unit hired its 100th consultant. It was a significant milestone and a good reason to ask two of our experts about their experiences within the team. Business analyst Charlotte Leclercq and project manager Claire Van Der Meulen reminisce and look forward to new and exciting projects. They both joined Tobania over one year ago, work on different projects –in different countries – but undeniably share the Business Consulting gene.


One big family

“Investing in the self-actualisation of your consultants to be a game changer for your clients: that’s our unit’s motto and key to success”, claims Claire. “Our people are offered a strong network of like-minded colleagues and experts. Get stuck in a project? Mentors and on-the-job coaches will give you a helping hand or two. Have a quick practical question? Our community will enlighten you with tips and tricks. Nobody is left out in the cold.”

Charlotte: “I couldn’t agree more. The world of consultancy is often a very competitive one, but at Business Consulting, we stand strong together. I arrived fresh from university and was assigned a challenging IT project in Germany shortly after my rookie training. When the going got tough, other consultants helped me through internal collaboration platforms, and Claire, who has years of experience in the field, called me with advice. Needless to say, that’s a big morale booster for a young professional.”

Customer satisfaction at the forefront
“Thanks to that stimulating environment and my own growing insights, I am now able to swiftly detect possible areas of improvement for my client and effectively propose solutions”, Charlotte continues. “When I suggested a different way of applying user stories within agile software development, it wasn’t part of my job description as a business analyst, but it helped my client a great deal. It’s nice to be heard and be able to make a difference.”
Claire confirms: “Thinking outside of the box and spotting what clients really need definitely adds value to our service. We practise what we preach.”

Ensuring future-proof service
That ambition to go the extra mile is also visible within the unit. Claire: “To encourage bottom-up proposals for the continuous improvement of Business Consulting and Tobania, we have created a so-called ‘Lion’s Den’. Basically, all consultants – junior as well as senior profiles – can pitch ideas for community-based projects that contribute to the growth of the company. That way, we not only close the gap between consultants and management, but also innovate our client services.

Charlotte: “More and more companies realise that they need to embrace digital transformation in order to successfully face future challenges. The exponential growth of our unit shows that the Business Consulting way of working – in which employee centricity leads to customer satisfaction – pays off. Continuing to pioneer in this area is our goal for 2019.”

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"Investing in the self-actualisation of your consultants to be a game changer for your clients: that’s our unit’s motto and key to success"

Claire Van Der Meulen

Employee centricity leads to customer satisfaction

Employee centricity leads to customer satisfaction

Claire Van Der Meulen

Claire Van Der Meulen