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Maybe you've noticed? Whether it's tax data, pension information or social security information... You can now consult all personal government documents in your eBox. Belgian citizens only need one online mailbox for all government communication. Luc Van Tilborgh, Program Manager at the Federal Public Service Policy and Support (BOSA), tells you more about it.

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Your digital mailbox: eBox

Luc has worked for 14 years at BOSA, the federal partner for IT and HR, among other things. He has been working together with Tobania since 2012: "eBox is just one of our ambitious digitalisation projects, but one of which also Tobania can be very proud. The company helped build the new portal and took care of the translation of the desired applications into programming language".

"One of the most important aspects of this mailbox is that private institutions can also connect to eBox"


"The new environment ensures that the digital environments of the various governments appear to the citizen as a single environment. In this way, they only need to visit one platform to obtain all the necessary information. It concerns tax data or pension information, but also data that would normally be stored at the level of municipalities, cities or provinces. eBox centralises all official communication between Belgian residents and government institutions in a single secure electronic mailbox".

"One of the most important aspects of this mailbox is that private institutions can also connect to eBox. A good example of this is TrustO, the digital service for sending registered mail. These documents can now be sent to your eBox. At TrustO, Tobania was also a co-pilot to support the integration of the connections with eBox, just like at the major bank KBC".

"More and more banks are joining the eBox story once they can comply with the strict certification rules. This heralds a new chapter. It's conceivable that you don't visit your eBox every day today, but you probably consult your banking application more often. In the future, this will all be in one place: you'll find official government documents in your mobile banking app as well. Citizens will also be able to respond to the information they receive. In this way we can significantly increase interaction and user-friendliness".
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Thierry Parquet

Thierry Parquet