Boortmalt makes internal IT service top priority thanks to 24/7 support model

In order to reduce waiting times and deliver satisfactory experiences of internal IT users, Boortmalt decided to call on an external 24/7 support service. The world leading malting company therefore has engaged Tobania’s Shared Services team in a 24/7 regime, consisting of six first line service desk agents and one team leader.

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Processing incoming calls and questions

By providing a <Managed Service> Service Desk, Tobania is mainly responsible for two critical duties. On the one hand, the Tobians’ tasks consist of receiving and processing incoming telephone or e-mail enquiries from internal IT users regarding internal IT services and tools. Think for example of questions about the office environment, as well as the production environment and production facilities.

On the other hand, the Tobania agents receive incoming telephone and e-mail questions from Boortmalt’s production employees and immediately redirect them to appropriate suppliers. These questions are usually related to the production facilities.


From floorwalking to monthly SLA updates

To ensure that the support operations would run smoothly, Tobania is first providing a structured action plan which partly consists of a transition period to recruit qualified agents, organise the trainings required, identify the KPIs and test the existing technical infrastructure. Then the second part of the plan of action will consist of the go-live itself, in which the Tobians have foreseen floorwalking by the Tobania staff on site.

Finally, throughout the project, Tobania will schedule monthly reports on the delivered results in order to communicate as transparently as possible to the Boortmalt team on the delivered support quality. These will be carried out on the basis of the agreed SLAs and KPIs.


Advice around the clock

The support project has started in January 2021 and our Tobians are already eagerly looking forward to its further course. In addition to answering internal calls, they will also be responsible for training, education and monitoring the staff turnover. Not to mention the fact that they will be optimising Boortmalt's IT processes by continuously providing advice and offering feedback.


Tobania as your <wingman>

Are you also looking for a support team that unburdens your IT agents? Tobania to the rescue! We deliver a clear governance set-up, handle all ITIL management activities (e.g. incident, problem, SLA and escalation management) and provide thorough and continuously reporting on the delivery of our services.

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Sven De Troch

Sven De Troch

IT infrastructure manager