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AXA Bank has around 450 offices throughout Belgium with over 10.000 appliances like thin clients, external screens, printers and card readers. To execute a cycled refresh of the outdated hardware infrastructure, AXA Bank contacted Tobania, their home supplier for the work place.
This hardware refresh project is done in six months, from A to Z with 8 people and a project manager. Four teams of two visit the offices by appointment.

"Thanks to the real-time view on this database, AXA Bank can see at any point in time the material’s status."

Complete and up to date database

Up until the point Tobania was contacted, AXA Bank didn’t have an up to date Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with an overview of all devices and their types and location. This means that they did not havea correct overview of all material. Tobania committed to set up a 100% completed and up to date CMDB. Thanks to the real-time view on this database, AXA Bank can see at any point in time the material’s status: whether a thin client is still in the stockroom or a printer is already at the office.


Extra support and logistics

Three Tobians are constantly on the road to service the AXA bank agencies. If there is an incident, they can easily see which hardware is available at the agency and how old the material is in order to offer the best service.

To handle these huge number of devices, Tobania provides a stockroom where all materials are stored. Old hardware is sorted out and taken away by a broker for proper recycling.


What can Tobania do for you?

We unburden the client from A to Z. Tobania offers an all-in-one service without losing the personal touch. We enable you to outsource your assets, services and technology management to enhance your workplace experience. For all your endpoints, such as laptops, desktops, mobile devices or printers, we offer a complete solution to support your end-users with all their IT problems.

Silke Quackels

Silke Quackels