Are you ready for the algorithmic transformation?

Now that the digital transformation wave is in full swing at most companies, the next one is already on the horizon. For example, are you as a company yet fully prepared for the algorithmic transformation? Let's first put into perspective what it’s all about.

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From top-down ... 

It all started with the first phase, the traditional-managed phase, in which a top-down approach was key and the first signs of digitalisation were lurking around the corner. This phenomenon mainly took place on the internal side of the organisation in which everyone had a clear role within the whole, and procedures provided a solid framework.


... towards 2.0

Then the next phase emerged, called 2.0. The IT management stepped up to the plate and tackled digitisation thoroughly. All tools were used to digitise the known working methods. The remarkable part was that all the difficulties and mistakes were also automated. Yet there was no question of new business models. This changed later as a result of the corona pandemic. Many models were rethought and challengers in the market provided a wake-up call for companies to reflect on their future. 


... to 3.0

This digital transformation (3.0) is today in full swing in many companies. Business managers are taking the lead and processes are being completely redesigned within a digitalisation that is taking place both internally and externally. And everything that can be automated is programmed that way. Companies that master this phase well are experiencing significantly higher profitability and speed than their competitors. 



The rise of agile teams 

Simultaneously with the digital evolution, we also notice the rise of agile teams. Where the foundations had previously been set, companies are now opting for 100% enterprise agility. This way of working is taking shape in all business departments. Companies that have not yet taken this step are trying to catch up and are benefiting from the experience gained.

We notice that these transformations cannot be bought, instead they can be earned. Only if you handle it well as a company, of course. 


And there is the 4.0 wave 

But the world does not stand still. The next movement is already underway: the algorithmic transformation (4.0). The phase in which the data aspect is added to your business transformation. Nowadays, we all collect so much data (e.g. customer data, product and production data and user data), that we can drive these data processes to make our organisation run even better. And this in the broadest sense of the word. 

Marketing algorithms provide the perfect personalised messages at the right time and guide the consumer through the purchasing process. This, in turn, is followed up by perfectly controlled logistics workflows that handle orders perfectly and manage stocks automatically. In short, we are talking about a real efficiency drive here.

But also, as an organisation, you start using this data to make the right decisions. Prediction and pro-activeness are two aspects that can rarely be used so correctly in today's business operations. In short, data is on its way to becoming the new oil in the organisation of today, and tomorrow.

A data-driven digital transformation ... Would you like to know more about how you can already work on the foundations for phase 4.0: the algorithmic transformation? Our experts will be happy to advise you as the traditional saying remains pertinent: forewarned is forearmed. 

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Lode Peeters

Lode Peeters