Tobania 2.0: a new course

Because digital transformation goes beyond technology

Awarded Trends Gazellen Ambassador, a Publica Award for Technology and the only Belgian player to be nominated by DataNews in the IT Services Company of the Year category.

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Five years after its merger, Business & Technology Consulting company Tobania sets a new business course, one that successfully combines business, technology and people. The result? A sophisticated package of solutions, based on contemporary customer demand, that focuses on people and talents.

Experts who take part in the process

We have recently sent our 1000th "Tobian" on his mission. The 100-million-euro turnover is shimmering on the horizon. We couldn’t be prouder! But... Tobania would not be Tobania if we would not immediately look at the future and continue to investigate how to respond better to the needs of our clients. After all, standing still is moving backwards when it comes to technology. Innovations are happening fast, and companies need to be more flexible to ride the wave of change. To keep up, and even better, to be one step ahead, they are looking for more than just reliable technicians.

The Tobania experts think with the customer, take responsibility and provide both technological and substantive advice within today’s complex reality. They have the necessary knowledge of business processes and they have expertise in setting up the life-long learning organisations of the future. "Our transformation was a process of natural growth," says CEO Lode Peeters, "because Tobians are ambitious and enthusiastic. But, even more, because we always want to exceed the high expectations of our customers."

Value based relationships

Tobania takes up the challenge and transforms to Tobania 2.0. Mutual trust, the exchange of information and intense cooperation are the basic building blocks. The ambitions of our clients are sky-high, but we have all the experts in-house, experienced co-pilots, who will guide them directly to their destination. We cross traditional boundaries and look for the best partnerships, even with competing companies. “There is no point in reinventing the wheel on our own little island. That is a waste of scarce talent and capital and it is not efficient. The future of Europe lies in co-creation, co-sourcing and co-training," says Lode Peeters.

Digital transformation goes beyond pure technology. That is why the range of solutions consists of three components.

  • Technology
  • Business and processes
  • People and organisations


Who are our Tobians?

Tobania continues to respond to new trends in a changing world. We cannot predict exactly where this is going, but we do know that our Tobians are ready to go on every adventure with you. Your final destination becomes our compass point and we guarantee a safe landing. Our crew will continue to grow. After all, we do not take part in the "war for talent". We believe that our passion for people and our talent to really listen to our clients make the difference.

About Tobania

2018 was a year with record figures. Turnover increased by no less than 25% compared to 2017: to 85 million Euro. For the second year in a row, Tobania managed to grow more than 10%, combining this with a rising profit.

Tobania has the ambition to continue to write its strong growth story in 2019. The company got off to a flying start with a revenue growth of 15% compared to 2018. The bar for this year is set even higher: more than € 100 million in revenue, without the sacrifice of profit margin. To enforce this ambition, Tobania will continue to invest in the attraction of multidisciplinary talent, keep up the good work on a hyper-interactive office, continue to roll out efficiency-enhancing tools and launch a number of HR projects to ensure strong employee intimacy.

Finally, as a successful technology & business consulting company, Tobania continues to invest in new solutions to support its 600 customers daily as a relevant partner. “Since the merger of Tobius NV and Saga Consulting Group in 2015, the revenue of Tobania will have grown by more than 70% by the end of 2019, while the number of own employees will have tripled. In combination with a better result, that is the best proof that we, together with our 1000 employees by now, are doing an excellent job in a highly competitive market,” says CEO Lode Peeters.


We guide companies in their transition to the cloud in a thoughtful, safe manner, always protected from vendor lock-in. The digital roadmap is designed and executed in close consultation with the customer, with Tobania taking co-responsibility in success. We robotise repetitive tasks, to be found in a financial department for example, where we use RPA or other techniques. Our customers gain efficiency by automation and save time for interesting and challenging work.

We use our testing unit to automate testing departments, while strictly complying with the GDPR legislation imposed. This automation not only ensures that human errors during testing are avoided, but also increases profit by efficiency.

Tobania.Public supports the many challenges of the public sector. We offer hands-on solutions for digital meetings, e-loket, the mid-office, ... These are just a few examples from the wide range of technological solutions that Tobania provides today.

Business and processes
Would it be possible to insure houses digitally? Can we brainstorm about new services our customers will need in the future? Can I visualise the golden batch criteria in my production process? How can I strengthen my brand, using a professional video? How to optimally support employees in the IT field, 24/7 and cost-effectively, using new technology? How do I improve customer satisfaction with a support centre or win-backs?

Tobania has the answer to all these questions. Our creative, business and tech savvy consultants will not shy away from any challenge, from idea to full implementation. Tobania brings everyone in contact with the right expert.

People and organisations

Education is not finished on the day of your graduation ceremony. Certainly, in today's changing world, lifelong learning is necessary. Tight hierarchical structures are not valid anymore. Creative thinking is no longer limited to the marketing department. The CFO also benefits from it. Agility is an indispensable asset in a world in constant flux, where budgets are not endless and robotisation is introduced in every field.

Tobians help each other and our clients to educate themselves at the Tobania.Academy. In addition, a team of business transformation consultants is on hand to advise companies and to implement new working methods such as Spotify, Scrum, Sociocracy 3.0, Design thinking, Communities of practice.

"Our transformation was a process
of natural growth."

Lode Peeters
CEO Tobania

Your wingman

Your wingman making digital work

Lode Peeters

Lode Peeters